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WELCOME! This community is for the discussion of Farscape and sharing our love for one of the best Science Fiction shows ever to grace our screens. We've recently celebrated the 10th Anniversary and from the looks of it the fandom is going to just keep on growing.

Rules: (don't worry, there are only a few.)

  • Episode spoilers are to be put behind a cut tag as a courtesy to others.
  • Please do not actually post your fanfiction on the site, please link to it using this format as a convenience to everyone:

  • Music videos also need to be formatted in the same fashion but only with the title and spoiler information.
  • All images (screencaps, icons, wallpapers) have to be behind a cut tag. (see note about spoilers. ;))
  • If you're unsure on how to do a cut (just remove the spaces within the tag):
    < lj-cut text="EPISODE TITLE OR YOUR OWN CLEVER COMMENT GOES HERE" > body of discussion or images go here.< /lj-cut >

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